Dorothy Thomas School of Dance and Theatre Arts Drop Off/Pick Up and Weather Policies

Parents and students please enter from the back of the building. Parents may park and watch their children enter the studio. Young children are to be escorted into the studio by a parent or responsible party.

Students are to be brought to the studio no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their class time. Please do not leave children at the studio while we are teaching other classes as we are unable to provide proper supervision.

Students are to be picked up from dance no later than 10 minutes after the conclusion of their class. Please come inside the studio to retrieve young children.

Teachers often have other commitments and would appreciate parents picking up their children in a responsible, timely manner.

Students are required to stay inside the building from the time they are brought into the studio until their parent comes to collect them. Loitering outside the studio at any time is strictly forbidden. Teachers cannot monitor the safety of a child that is outside the studio. Parents must accompany their children when outside the building.

Adhering to these policies will help insure the safety of the students. Thank you for your cooperation.

Dorothy Thomas School of Dance and Theatre Arts will not be held responsible for accidents of any nature in the waiting room, parking lot, or outside of the studio.




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